Sequester? What Sequester? Federal Government Spends $400K on Condom Study

Yet, the government cannot find the money to keep the White House open for tours.

Instead, the federal government continues to hire and  wants to spend money on: funding studies like this one ($1.5 million) to study why lesbians are fat, send President Obama to spend quality time on his golf game with Tiger Woods, sending the First Daughter to New York, sending the First Lady around the country, and beginning preparations on yet another multimillion dollar vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. I guess the sky isn’t falling after all Mr. President?

After all, your tax dollars are important to the Obamas.


Indiana University received a $423,500 stimulus grant to study the proper use of condoms, reports the Weekly Standard.

The study was completed but no results have been presented. Additionally, the project did not create or retain any jobs.

For those keeping track, this money could fund White House tours for five (5) weeks.


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